Helping customers to achieve their objectives

Patio Consulting will help you to deliver your projects and to improve the skills of your teams.

MY background

While I’ve worked with multiple companies in all kinds of environments, the important for me is to deliver objectives and build strong human relationships. I aim for honesty and transparency in my work, and rely on personal development for all my collaborators. 

MY Services

What can I do for you?

Project Management

You want to know which objectives your teams can achieve this year? You want to set up a planning that you can show to the board? Working in an Agile or more standard way, let me help you define and maintain your portfolio.

Subject Matter Expert

If you want to improve your team's skills in domains like Quality Management Systems (QMS), Regulatory Information Management Systems (RIMS), I can propose training sessions or longer term projects.

Business Analysis

Any problem to capture the business needs in order to build User Requirements? I can help you in interviewing the relevant experts and formalizing their feedback in a clear and complete way.

Risk Analysis

Do you hesitate before starting an expensive project? Do you have a difficult decision to take that could put your business at risk? No worries, I can help you by conducting a formal risk analysis that would give you the information you missed to decide.


Check out my previous work

Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.


Work Approach

In projects, everything is built up upon people. Let's give them the importance they deserve.